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How To Travel With Golf Clubs

How To Travel With Golf Clubs

As many golfers say, once you take a golf trip, there is no going back. There is also no going back if you lose or damage your golf gear during travel. So, how do you master the art of taking golf clubs on the road?

Going on a golf trip is an exciting time, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not strategically plan how to travel with golf clubs. Golf tourism is on the rise around the world, with the market value expected to reach over $41 billion by 2030. For many golfers, it makes sense to take their golf gear with them, but what often doesn't make sense is how to ensure the gear arrives safely.

Follow this guide to learn how to travel with golf clubs with ease.

Protect Your Golf Gear

Protection is critical whether you are flying with golf clubs or taking a short road trip. Invest in a durable travel bag that protects your gear even in the most challenging travel conditions. It is an investment that will serve you well over your years of golf trips.

Hard shell bags and bags specifically designed for golf gear are best to reduce the risk of damage. After all, while transport providers such as airlines may offer some compensatory damage, often, it will not cover the cost of your golf gear. To be on the safe side, invest in insurance too, so in the event of damage, you know you are covered.

You can also look for bags with features such as stiff arms to keep your gear organized and protected.

Review Your Golf Accessories

With over 80% of surveyed golfers planning golf-specific trips in a year, golf accessories continue to adapt to meet growing travel needs. Do you have any golf accessories that offer protection?

You can invest in a golf club protection device to help keep shafts in place and shielded from potential damage. When flying with golf clubs, it is essential to consider accessories such as this, as there is a risk your golf clubs could be dropped upside down.

When traveling with golf gear, also consider what is essential to take with you. Do you need all your golf accessories? Pack smart and consider what options you might be able to hire at your destination.

Read the Transport Fine Print

Your transport provider will also have rules for how to travel with golf clubs. For example, some airlines charge an additional fee for golf club bags and may have specific requirements, such as packing your golf gear in a specialized golf bag.

Golf bags are usually required for 'oversized check-in,' so also follow airline guidelines on where to drop the baggage off correctly. Before booking, Be aware of their damage or lost baggage policy, so you can pick the best provider for your golf needs.

Get a Direct Flight

Investing in direct flights is one of the top travel tips for golfers. Indirect flights can increase risks such as damaged or lost luggage, especially when you end up missing connections.

While you may spend more on flights, you reduce the risk of costly damage or loss of golf gear. Plus, you will save time, so you can enjoy playing golf and not spend it tracking down your golf gear. The time-savings and reduced stress are invaluable, helping you start your golf trip on the right note.

Track Your Golf Bag

The last thing you want is to arrive at your business golf event without your gear. Make sure you have ways to track your bag.

You can also add your own tracking devices to keep an eye on golf gear. There are various device options with different price points.

You can also include your details in the golf bag to increase the chance of reuniting with it. You can include your name, email, phone number, or address, so an airline can easily track you down, reuniting you with your golf gear if it does go missing.

Pack Strategically

You can have the best golf accessories for travel, but like with playing golf, you've also got to have the skills. Take some time to pack strategically to maximize the protection of your golf gear.

If you have items that are invaluable, such as golf accessories with sentimental value, consider putting them in your carry-on bag. The same goes for expensive technological equipment, which you should keep with you.

If your golf heads are removable, consider taking them in your carry-on. You can also split up some golf accessories into different checked bags so you have some items with you if one bag does go missing.

You can also use hiking poles or a ski pole to help stiffen up softer bags for your golf gear. Simple steps such as putting a protective hard cover over clubs can help in the absence of specialized golf accessories. Simple steps such as throwing in some jumpers or extra padding so your golf gear doesn't move around can also help.

Consider Shipping

Playing golf offers a range of health benefits, including improving your mental well-being. However, if learning how to travel with golf clubs is causing extreme stress, it is counterproductive.

You can always consider a shipping service for a golf trip. There are various providers that guarantee the safe transportation of golf gear, so you can arrive at your destination with the gear waiting for you.

Check specific prices and transportation times. Sometimes these fees end up being cheaper than the additional airline fees. For longer golf trips, shipping can be a preferred option for golfers.

Learn How To Travel With Golf Clubs

Golf trips are a fulfilling part of playing golf, often helping improve your game and love for the sport. Do not let traveling with golf gear ruin the experience. Follow this guide to learn how to travel with golf clubs safely.

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