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    Golf Shop

The Golf Shop at Northland Country Club

Ever since our humble beginnings in 1898, the Northland Country Club has sought to provide an exceptional golfing experience to all who play our course. These days, that mission extends to our Golf Shop, where members and their guests will find everything they need to play their best game of golf.

Apparel & Accessories

Back in 1989, when we first opened our golf course to Minnesotans of the era, there wasn’t much in the way of casual, comfortable golf apparel. The style then was much more formal, as befit the day.

As a modern golfer, you can enjoy a wide range of casual golf styles designed to keep you cool in summer and comfortable in the fall.

Our Golf Shop carries the finest brands worn by golfing professionals and golf lovers like yourself. We also offer those big national brands at the lowest prices allowed by manufacturers.

Stop in and see what’s new in golf apparel this season.

From the top colors to the amazing fabrics designed to keep you dry and comfortable for a well-played game, you’re sure to find something you need!


Golf is a sport where technique matters a lot, but the equipment you choose can also go a long way toward improving your game. Golf technology has ramped up these past few years, and you’ll be amazed at what the engineers have come up with lately! Come by and talk to our friendly pro shop staff about the latest and the greatest in equipment.

Club Fitting

Speaking of improving your game, schedule a customized club fitting while you’re here, too. Our staff is the best in the region, and they’re here to make sure you’re playing at your peak performance levels. That includes stopping by for a proper club fitting!

Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves in running the Northland Country Club like a family-run business. People who truly love the sport of golf, and who truly love helping other golfers, make the best pro shop staff. That’s who you’ll find when you stop by the shop. Whether you need a club fitting or you want to check out the latest accessories, or you just want to say hello, we’re here to serve you and connect over the sport we all love!