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    Course Tour

  • Hole #1

    Men's Handicap: 7 | Women's Handicap: 9 | Par 4
    The first hole is a long, straightaway par four, which may play shorter with a well-placed tee shot. The approach favors a left to right shot, avoiding the front-right greenside bunker. Numerous pin placements make this hole challenging, but fair.

    428 418 395 323 175
  • Hole #2

    Men's Handicap: 15 | Women's Handicap: 15 | Par 4
    In start contrast to #1, the second hole is a short uphill, par 4. The tee shot often requires a long iron or fairway metal to find the small landing area short of the fairway bunker. The approach is blind to a well-bunkered green, which slopes severely from back to front. Stay below the hole!

    324 313 238 292 160
  • Hole #3

    Men's Handicap: 5 | Women's Handicap: 5 | Par 4
    Like #2, the third hole plays uphill, almost 100 feet. With a slight dogleg considerably longer though, a well-hit drive in the fairway is critical. The approach is blind to a two-tiered green. Once on the putting surface, you’ll have a chance to catch their breath. Look back and you’ll discover the first of many spectacular views of Lake Superior.

    380 357 342 292 160
  • Hole #4

    Men's Handicap: 9 | Women's Handicap: 1 | Par 5
    The fourth hole is the first of the par 5s. The tee shot plays slightly uphill to a narrow landing area. A well-hit drive allows for a second shot over the creek, which runs across the fairway 80 yards short of the green. The putting surface slopes from back to front and some pin placements make getting up and down from above the hole close to impossible.

    490 471 442 380 240
  • Hole #5

    Men's Handicap: 17 | Women's Handicap: 17 | Par 3
    The fifth hole is the shortest par 3 on the course, but it’s by no means the easiest. Set within an amphitheater of pines, the wind can wreak havoc on short irons hit above the tree line. The green is small and surrounded by bunkers. Club selection and accuracy are critical.

    160 147 136 125 150
  • Hole #6

    Men's Handicap: 11 | Women's Handicap: 11 | Par 4
    Hole 6 is a relatively short par 4 that gives players a short break before reaching the heart of the course. The landing area is wide and forgiving like the first. Players can run the ball onto the green through the approach area. But, much like the second and fourth holes, the green slopes back to front. Stay below the hole.

    380 367 335 298 190
  • Hole #7

    Men's Handicap: 1 | Women's Handicap: 7 | Par 4
    A long par 4, the undulating fairway adds to the length of the hole as players not carrying to the plateau have a more difficult mid to long iron approach. Also, adding to the length is the “false front” of the green, which rejects balls more often than not. The putting green is one of the largest at NCC. Par is an excellent score on this hole.

    436 410 369 340 175
  • Hole #8

    Men's Handicap: 13 | Women's Handicap: 13 | Par 3
    This is the longest of the par 3s. Adding to the length is a steep approach area. To reach the putting surface, you must fly it there. Fortunately, this hole often plays downwind.

    230 206 186 170 80
  • Hole #9

    Men's Handicap: 3 | Women's Handicap: 3 | Par 5
    Following the longest par 3 is the longest of the par 5s. This hole requires three good shots for all but the longest of hitters. The tee shot favors a right to left shot to a large landing area. The second must negotiate a swale, which cuts across the fairway 30 yards from the green, where the fairway narrows. Accomplishing this, the third shot is a long pitch to a large, moderately bunkered green.

    569 544 516 464 270
  • Hole #10

    Men's Handicap: 2 | Women's Handicap: 2 | Par 4
    Considered by many as one of the state’s toughest holes, this par 4 is a monster. The tee shot is played to a landing area which slopes up and to the right. Balls landing short of the green are rejected, while anything landing on the green often runs off the back. Birdies here are extremely rare. Fortunately, making a 4 on this hole is accomplishment enough.

    414 391 345 324 210
  • Hole #11

    Men's Handicap: 12 | Women's Handicap: 6 | Par 5
    This is a short par 5, and position is critical. The tee shot is played to a small landing area 40 feet below the tee. A pond situated 200 yards from the green protects the integrity of this hole. While perfect tee shots make this green reachable in two, position on the second shot is key. The green slopes severely from back to front and is well-guarded by pines and a bunker. Fly the ball to the hole, keeping in mind that an up and down from behind the hole is nearly impossible.

    486 471 450 408 100
  • Hole #12

    Men's Handicap: 16 | Women's Handicap: 16 | Par 3
    This is a long par 3 which can be played a number of ways. Similar to the first, balls hit short and left have an excellent chance of landing on the green. Some shots missed left often carom onto the putting surface. Meanwhile, shots played at the right side of the green much avoid a bunker complex and a false front which prevent balls from rolling on.

    203 176 163 130 145
  • Hole #13

    Men's Handicap: 10 | Women's Handicap: 14 | Par 4
    This is a long par 4 which doglegs to the left. Tee shots played down the right side with a slight draw will find the fairway. Once in the fairway, the second shot plays deceptively downhill to a green flanked by two bunkers. Again, approach shots can be flown to the hole or bumped in through the approach area. By far, this is the flattest green on the course.

    430 415 372 337 175
  • Hole #14

    Men's Handicap: 8 | Women's Handicap: 8 | Par 4
    An extremely demanding par 4, the tee shot plays uphill to a large landing area and is protected on the right by a large bunker. The steepness of the landing area makes the tee shot play longer. Regardless of the position off the tee, the fun really begins with the second shot, which plays downhill to a large, undulating green. Two bunkers guard the left approach and keep balls in bounds. Balls finding the green can end up 60’ from the hole. Two putts from this distance here are rare. Saving par from long or right can also be an adventure. Par here feels a lot like birdie.

    445 410 395 360 220
  • Hole #15

    Men's Handicap: 14 | Women's Handicap: 12 | Par 4
    A dramatic par 4, this hole plays downhill 60’ with a breathtaking view of Lake Superior. Hitting the fairway is crucial, setting up a downhill second shot to an extremely well-bunkered green. Once on the green two putts are accommodating, though birdies remain few and far between.

    411 385 370 357 195
  • Hole #16

    Men's Handicap: 6 | Women's Handicap: 10 | Par 4
    Also playing downhill, this is another long par 4 where accuracy off the tee is the key. The approach will play from a downhill lie to a green protected on the front right by a large bunker. Shots beyond the green have little chance of recovery. However, shots landing short and right will supply you with adequate room to get up and down.

    446 408 384 356 175
  • Hole #17

    Men's Handicap: 18 | Women's Handicap: 18 | Par 3
    This is a medium-length par 3. Shots have little of no chance of rolling onto the putting green due to a steep false front. The green is guarded by bunkers, left and right, and the back of the green slopes into a deep natural drainage area. Club selection and accuracy are key.

    165 150 120 103 105
  • Hole #18

    Men's Handicap: 4 | Women's Handicap: 4 | Par 4
    The big finish — and it’s a challenge. The hole measures nearly 430 yards from the back tees. The tee shot plays deceptively uphill. The green is best approached from the right side of the fairway, which is well-guarded by a fairway bunker. Players missing the fairway may find their best chance at par with a pitch out and short iron to the large green, a steep slope from back right to front left. Stay below the hole!

    428 412 388 325 175