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    Caddie Program

Northland Country Club’s caddie program is rich in tradition; 47 Caddies form Northland have gone on to be awarded the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship from the Western Golf Association. This scholarship is a Full Tuition and Board Scholarship to one their 14 participating universities. Currently Northland has Four Caddie Alumni attending the University of Minnesota, tuition free. Northland has long been supporters of the Evans Scholarship Program and operate consistent with the Western Golf Association caddie program standards.

While our caddies are primarily youth ages (14-21 years old), our mission is to provide an outstanding caddie experience for not only our members and guests, but our caddies as well. For most of our caddies it is their first opportunity to work and be involved in golf. Our membership features many industry leaders from Duluth as well as the Twin Cities. This program is a great opportunity for our young people to interact with and learn from our members.

Caddies are independent contractors who do not work for Northland.

As caddies learn and grow through our program, they earn the opportunity to be promoted and higher compensation for their time and effort. Below is a description of our caddie classifications. 

“B” Level Caddie - Novice

  • Stay ahead of the player
  • Is polite and courteous, uses proper etiquette
  • Clubs are clean and in order in the bag
  • Never interferes with or gets in the way of any player
  • Uses sand/seed for divots and rakes bunkers
  • Pays attention to other caddies to learn
  • Listens to instruction from the player
  • Tracks flight of ball to find player’s ball.
  • Uses proper greenside duties (i.e. repair ball marks, tend flag, clean ball)
  • Makes up for lack of experience with hustle and courtesy

“A” Level Caddie – Intermediate – Everything a “B” caddie does plus:

  • Understands how to use a rangefinder and can provide players with yardages when asked
  • Is proficient in greenside duties
  • Acknowledges good shots and encourages the player
  • General understanding of the read of the greens
  • Ability to give general advice on where to hit shots
  • Understanding of how to help other caddies work as a team
  • Ability to mentor ‘B’ caddies
  • Rakes bunker with own rake
  • Understanding of the NCC Putting Clock

“AA” Level Caddie – Advanced – Everything “A & B” caddies do plus:

  • Is extremely proficient in greenside duties
  • Has the ability to help the player read the break of the greens and the putting clock
  • Courtesy and demeanor are outstanding
  • Mentor to all caddies
  • Expert advice on how to navigate the course
  • Strong social interaction skills with members and guests


Individuals who are interested in becoming caddie, please fill out this interest form or contact Kordell Swanson, Assistant Golf Professional & Caddie Master at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Caddies will be required to attend the Caddie Orientation meeting, time and date to be determined.
Caddies are also required to attend on-course training sessions in May to be certified to caddie. 


Kordell Swanson  Connor Bergman
Asst. Golf Pro & Caddie Manager Head Golf Professional 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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