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Caddie Program

Northland Country Club’s caddie program is rich in tradition. We are strong supporters of the Evans Scholarship Program and operate consistent with the Western Golf Association.

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Our mission is to provide outstanding caddies to our members and guests. Northland Country Club has a unique caddie program in which the majority of our caddies fall in the ages of 12-17 years of age. For most of them it is their first opportunity to work and be involved in golf. Our policy is to hire youth that have an interest in golf and a willingness to pursue all opportunities to learn.

As caddies become more experienced, we give them a new rating based on our Caddie Rating Designations. The designations are from B to AA.

Caddie Rates & Designations

B Caddie – $18

  • Attended Caddie School I & II.
  • Shadowed an AA caddie or Professional.
  • Clock understanding.
  • Understands to keep up. Will arrive at ball before player does.
  • Has a good understanding of etiquette.
  • Knows yardages from walking off markers on course.

A Caddie – $22

  • The clock is memorized.
  • Will be able to walk off every yardage on the course.
  • Has a good understanding of forecaddying.
  • Understands the caddie book.

AA Caddie – $25

  • Promoted to this status by caddying for one of the professionals and receiving the endorsement from the caddie master.
  • Able to double bag.
  • Memorized the caddie book.
  • Able to take care of all golfers in the group.
  • Has skill to mentor B caddies.


  1. Attend Caddie School I – Video and Presentation
  2. Attend Caddie School II (includes a short exam at the end of the school)
  3. Shadow an existing caddie during one of their rounds (Scheduled individually with the Caddie Master.

To obtain A status: Must sit down with a professional and prove an understanding of the requirements.
To obtain AA status: Take one loop with a professional and satisfy other requirements. Please speak with a professional for more information.

Golf Shop: (218) 525-1970
Head PGA Golf Professional Chris Olseth:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.