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    Professional Golf Lessons in Duluth

Professional Golf Lessons at Northland Country Club in Duluth, MN

They say the game of golf is a test of character, a game of decency and honesty, and a sport that requires patience and determination. That’s a lot to take in, on top of putting, chipping, and perfecting your swing! Luckily for Northland Country Club members, there’s a golf instructional program to help them out.

For members who’d like to level up their game and learn a thing or two from masters of the sport, we offer clinics, group, and private golf lessons.

Learn the Basics or Hone Your Skills to Improve Your Golf Game

Even seasoned players will admit there’s always room for some improvement in their game. Wasn’t it Bobby Jones who said golf is so ‘special’ because it takes years to correct your faults? And even then, it’s so easy to forget everything you’ve learned on the course.

We’re here to help, with seasoned golf pros who know the game and love to share their passion with other people. Whether you want to perfect your swing or you’re just starting out with golf, you’ll appreciate the dedication and attentiveness of our golf coaches and trainers.

Mistakes are Part of the Game- Our Golf Pros Teach You How to Recover From Them

Golf coaches can’t prevent their trainees from making mistakes out on the course. They can, however, give them the knowledge and the confidence to recover from mistakes and go on to play their best. In this regard, golf lessons are about strategy and mental challenges as well as form and technique. That’s because, like any sport, golf is also a game of the mind.

A Beautiful Practice Range to Complement Your Lessons

“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play at it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” – Bob Hope

Northland Country Club also features a state-of-the-art practice range. You’ll love practicing here: like our nationally top-rated classic golf course, it offers magnificent views of Lake Superior.

Next time you’re in the area, stop by for a peek at our practice range and talk to one of our golf pros about clinics, lessons, or private instruction. You can also call the Club Phone at (218) 525-1941.